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Coprodeli USA aids Peruvian families by providing for fundamental needs, promoting education and job training, and developing strong self-sustaining community programs. Coprodeli operates over 140 programs that serve more than 100,000 children and their families annually in some of the most impoverished communities in Peru. Coprodeli’s volunteer-driven structure ensures that over 90% of every dollar raised goes directly to helping those who need it most. In addition, through donations from the U.S. and Europe, thousands of needy Peruvians receive the clothes on their backs, shoes on their feet, and food in their stomachs.
More than 54 percent of all Peruvians live below the poverty line and Many Peruvian families earn less than $1 a day and cannot support themselves or their children. They are forced to live without the basic necessities of life such as running water, electricity, nourishment, and education. Of the 3.8 million Peruvians who live in extreme poverty, more than 2.1 million are children. Coprodeli works to not only help those in immediate need but also to combat the root causes of poverty.

Leveraging past success and experience, one of Coprodeli’s current priorities is rebuilding the region devastated by the 2007 earthquake. By 2010, our goal is to build 10,000 homes as well as new schools and health clinics. Below is a brief description of our other core initiatives.

Coprodeli serves the needs of Peru's children through a variety of educational programs including ten schools and libraries, two orphanages, daytime outreach centers, Mundobus classroom on wheels and the Padrino Program, in which individual children are sponsored through donations of $30 a month, which cover the costs of  the sponsored child's educational and nourishment needs. Over 1,100 children per day participate in these educational programs.

Preventive Healthcare
:  Coprodeli provides preventative healthcare and humanitarian aid to the most impoverished families in Peru. Doctors, dentists, lab technicians, and pharmacists from the United States, Europe, and Peru volunteer their time to improve and, in many cases, save the lives of thousands of residents. The clinics have only the most basic medical supplies; equipment and instruments are always needed.

Housing & Community
:  Coprodeli works with residents in the shantytown of Pachacutec to build sturdy, permanent homes made of steel and concrete that protect the families from the cold, heat, and wind. Many of these homes are built with funds from U.S. donor families who contribute $1,500 to the Coprodeli Touchstone Project.  Recipient families provide "sweat equity" by helping with the construction of their homes, along with an affordable mortgage paid over time.

Workforce Development:  Coprodeli operates two technical training centers which provide vocational training as well as job placement services for teenagers and young adults. In addition, Coprodeli’s "Fair Trade" program enables local artisans to earn living-wage salaries by producing traditional Andean arts & crafts without child exploitation or discrimination against women. Further, to stimulate the economy of these marginalized communities, Coprodeli provides local entrepreneurs with consulting and technical assistance as well as microloans to start new businesses and create jobs for many through its IncuBusiness Initiative.

To learn more or to get involved, please visit the Coprodeli USA web site at: .

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